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This Mealworm Co-Op was originally the brainchild of three mealworm farmers who met online. They realized that the mealworm community needed a one-stop hub to network and learn more about mealworm farming. Facebook groups don't provide the control and organization that a website like this can provide, and so this co-op was born out of a need to service the mealworm farming community. Though these three entrepreneurs founded this site, this site belongs to you and to other mealworm farmers. It is a fluid website, based on the needs of the community. Please let us know if there is a feature you'd like to see on this site. 

Space Coast Mealworms
Scott Jost 


Scott began farming mealworms in February 2017, to feed his 6 chickens and a stubborn duck. As he joined more and more Facebook Mealworm Farming Groups he realized that this new hobby could actually be profitable. He spent the remaining 8 months of 2017 growing his farm and business. He got a lucky start when he designed an innovative mealworm pupae sifter, which separates pupae from larvae. He began producing and selling these sifting trays to other mealworm farmers, which has helped him raise startup funds for his mealworm business. He now runs Space Coast Mealworms out of his backyard shed, to the delight of his supportive wife. 

Patrick Lee 


Patrick started raising mealworms and superworms in 2015 to feed his turtles, pond fish and some chickens. As the worm farm grew larger, he decided to sell them to make some extra money. He also researched how frass is great natural soil enhancer and started selling the frass.  He soon branched off into composting worms and selling their castings.  He also sells Horse Manure and Goat Manure to go along with the frass, worm castings and hascreated his own line of natural soil enhancements.  Patrick also sells wheat bran to mealworm farmers who are unable to find wheat bran in their area.

Justin Meyer 


Justin began his mealworm adventures in 2015 as a way to supplement the diet of a dozen chickens. He was able to keep the colony going for a year, and then his daughter arrived.  He started thinking about what she would tell people he did for a living (corporate 9-5 job), what sort of mark he was leaving.  Long term, he wanted to do something that left a positive impact for his child and his community, something that can benefit others.

At the same time he read an article about insects and their potential as a nutrition source for humans and how, with a growing population, our current mechanisms would become unsustainable. Insects could be the answer – low inputs like water, small footprint of space... and from there, it all just fell into place. He could take this hobby he enjoyed and turn it into something bigger and better, something that could benefit those around him.

In January of 2017, Midwest Mealworms, LLC was created. Production keeps increasing and new challenges come up. He is excited to be working with the Co-op founders and members to increase awareness and knowledge about mealworm farming. The best is yet to come.

Max Stafford


Max started his company because of a desire to feed his own chickens large quantities of mealworms. His well-fed chickens supplied him with an abundant amount of high quality fresh eggs, inspiring Max to share everything he knew with other homesteaders, thus Max-a-Mealies was born. 

Kristina Lynn


I live in Campobello, South Carolina. I started my business Feather Bottom Farm raising and breeding Cochin chickens and mini pigs, then decided to start raising my own mealworms so my animals had protein-filled treats. I have been raising mealworms now since 2018 and I absolutely love it - I find them extremely interesting! I decided I wanted to help other people be able to raise their own mealworms at home, so I designed a complete starter kit for every type of beginner. It is made so anyone and everyone can become a mealworm farmer and raise their own colony without becoming overwhelmed. 

MidAmerican_Feeders FINAL.png
Nicholas Dobbs is one of the youngest mealworm farmers out there, at a young age of 14 is trying to earn his way as a part in the mealworm community. He started off with just 8000mealworms and now he can supply you with however many you need. He started raising mealworms for his chickens, which at the time in the December of 2019 he had 780 , he quickly learned that this was something that he could earn money off of, even as a teen. He enjoys the pleasure of satisfying his customers, and quickly resolves any problems, as a natural salesman he does most of his business with great care. You can contact him at 918-978-6183.
MoriFeeders LLC began farming mealworms in May 2020, to feed our 2 chameleons and supply our growing online storefront.  We are based in Northern Virginia and are looking forward to supplying the group with feeder insects.  We have a vast knowledge of insects and want to share it with others!  Please do not hesitate to ask us your insect-related questions, we have a Ph.D. entomologist on staff! 
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