Grain Mite Prevention and Eradication

One of the worst things that can happen to a mealworm farm is an infestation of grain mites. These tiny white creatures will be obvious when they swarm by the millions up and out of your worm trays. Click on this image to read about how to prevent and treat them if they happen to invade your farm.

Quick Start Guide to Breeding Mealworms

Start with a handful of mealworms, leave them in wheat bran medium for a few weeks and allow them to develop into pupae and then beetles. Once pupae and then beetles have developed you can commence the breeding program.​ (click image for more)

The Science Behind Beetle Temperature

Were you aware that temperature has an effect on the growth rate of mealworms and beetles? Most farmers keep their worm drawers inside their air conditioned houses, but these temperatures are not ideal! Click the image to find out how to set the right temperature for your beetles.

Recommendations for Breeding and Holding of Regular Mealworm

This guide is aimed at farmers and other stakeholders who are interested in starting a production of the ordinary mealworm. As the area is still new, this is not a final recipe for successful production, but rather a number of recommendations. The recommendations are based on the Danish Institute of Technology's experience with insect production and on knowledge of the subject obtained in both the Netherlands and abroad. Click the image to read the entire article.

What is Frass?

Have you ever noticed that sandy stuff that accumulates at the bottom of your substrate? Did you know it is an amazing natural fertilizer? Want to know how you can use (or even sell) it, instead of just throwing it away? Click on the button below to learn more about this valuable poop!

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