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May 25

Darkling beetle care during winter


I would like to know if others have problems with the cold nights killing/paralizing the Darkling beetles?

Midwest Mealworms
Jul 28

Yes, temps below the mid-forties will damage and begin to kill the beetles.

Nov 8

Thank you, I forgot to reply. I introduced heat to my beetles and it works a treat, thanks so much for your help 😊

New Posts
  • gordrene
    Nov 8

    Hello everybody, I`m an Englishman living in Northern France and because of my ( 35th year as a Diabetic ) Diabetic associated illnesses including recently losing the sight in one eye, life over the last 10 years has become very difficult but I`m still determined at the age of 70 to try and earn a living. So last March I purchased 1000 Mealworms from a company in Germany, no probs there, I then went out and bought several different sized, and shaped plastic boxes, Porridge Oats Carrots etc. My only heat source was the heat lamp that I used for my newly hatched chicks, which was fine at the beginning, but over time I noticed that it seemed to be killing the worms, anyway to cut a long story short I end up with about 20 beetles. I was over the moon, by now I was also looking on You Tube and bought a small stacking system, cut oblongs out of the bottom on a couple and covered them in mesh, its been working very well, I then purchased from Space Coast Mealworms the 5 green sifting pans and the pupae sifter, Brilliant. But now I have a new Problem, a lot of the Pupae do not become Beetles, they seem to dry out and turn grey and are very brittle, I now have a thermostatic heater kept at a temp of between 85 & 90 and a good humidity, so if any body out there could throw a solution to me, my Pupae and I will be eternally Grateful. Kind Regards. Gordrene.
  • lpandza
    Oct 16
  • Jamie Doe
    Aug 27

    Would like any advice on selling mealworms I have started with 2kg of mealworms and intend to build a heated cupboard in my garage, i am uk based so any advice would be appreciated.
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