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Need Mealworms?
Whether you are starting your farm or just need a few thousand to freshen up your worm DNA, we've got you covered! 
Our Mealworm Co-op utilizes a network of quality mealworm sellers. These aren't your gigantic factories, but local sellers who raise mealworms for their own critters. Click the link below to find your local seller! 
Blue Bait Cups
Do you sell mealworms? Want a quality, vented containers to package, ship, or store your mealworms? Better yet, would you like a customized label on every lid?  We've got you covered!
Pupae Sifting Trays
Tired of hand-picking out your pupae? Want a tool to save you hours of time each week? Have no fear.. you can order yours today!

Just starting out? Save time by ordering a
Starter Kit!

Starter Kits contain mealworms, babies, pupae, and beetles. Starting at just $40, these kits are the quickest way to jumpstart your farm! 

Order your round Bucket Sifters from Amazon!

These trays help farms of any size easily sift out frass and helps to separate mealworms by different size. We strongly recommend the 5pc set and also suggest purchasing the 1/30 size for extra fine sifting of frass.

Green Bucket Sifters
Can't Find Wheat Bran?
One of our mealworm sellers specializes in shipping wheat bran across the country. No more long drives into the countryside to get some!
Organic Wheat Bran
Organic wheat bran is the ideal substrate for mealworms and superworms, serving as a food source and bedding. These flakes are large enough to allow for easy frass separation, without causing a lot of dust. Farmers who have switched to this organic wheat bran have noticed healthier worms with faster growth!  

Mealworm Tower
Mealworms don't need to be in deep containers in order to grow. These towers help mealworm farmers keep multiple trays in a smaller, more space-saving area. Great for beginner farms that are starting to outgrow their 3-drawer Sterilite styled setups!


Ento Nation
Your online resource for all things Ento. Bringing the benefits of bugs to people and planet. If you love bugs, however that love manifests itself, whether studying bugs, or farming bugs, or taking pictures of bugs, or cooking bugs, or eating bugs, then you are a part of the Ento Nation. 

Heritage Acres Market
Guinea Fowl | Chickens | Honeybees | Classes & More!
This small family-owned farm has everything a farmer might need, including poultry, beekeeping, worms, and farm-related jewelry. They specialize in educational classes on raising chickens, bees, and are a great source of general farm day-to-day knowledge. 

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